Tronhjem Rømer

Textiles displayed in a large room


Ukurant Perspective

Total investigates the spatial potential of textiles. The two textiles emphasize the decisive importance of details and how they affect the overall experience in space; the relation between the screen-printed elements varies across the surface which changes the perception of the colors. The textiles here points at a spatial and bodily experience where an interaction is created between perception and experience - up close and at a distance. Total combines a digitally developed pattern with the irregularity emerging from the analogue printing technique. The dynamic between this controlled, digital design and the analogue, fragile and varied print adds a sensual quality to the textiles.



Group exhibition Ukurant Objects

Screen print on cotton, reactive dye and color discharge

1400x3350 mm

Textiles displayed in a large room Textiles displayed up close Textiles letting light flow through Textiles displayed up close