Tronhjem Rømer

First floor


with Frederik Gustav

In dialogue with the architecture at the gallery Four Boxes in Skive (DK), Frederik Gustav and Tronhjem Rømer have created three structures that move through the gallery. We have explored the architectural possibilities within crafts and design, developing a flexible concept that allows the structure to be scaled and transformed, adapting to various spatial contexts. Inspired by scaffolding constructions, the system is built using standard-sized studs that fasten the elements together with bolts and notch joints. Each structure emerges from a roll of printed textile, with colors changing depending on light and space. The textiles are digitally printed on both the front and back, creating a blend of the two sides when illuminated. This changeability interacts with the structure and its movement through the space.



Dialogue exhibition at Four Boxes Transfer print on polyester, pine wood

First floor Transition Close up Stucture and architecture Ground floor Ground floor