Tronhjem Rømer

Room dividing textiles disclosing an artwork on the back wall

Color Occurrence


Screen printed textiles and light objects create a unique atmosphere in the exhibition space, offering a sensory experience of color and space. The variety demonstrates the versatility of color perception and create an immersive and sensual experience through the interplay of luminous and intrinsic colors. The small pattern elements in the textiles blend and are connected to both the shape of the textile and the space they are designed to interact with. The placement of the textiles creates an open and closed view, where glimpses of the back wall make the light objects in focus. The light objects create reflected light and the interplay between colored light and colored surfaces produces gradual color transitions. With this exhibition we aim to unfold and manifest how color, light and textile have a distinct spatial potential.



Solo exhibition at Officinet Danish Arts and Crafts

Powder coated steel, color reflectors, LED

280x560x40 mm

Screen print on cotton, reactive dye

750x700 mm

Screen print on wool, reactive dye

700x3350 mm

Room-dividing textiles hanging from the ceiling Close-up of textile with a wavy pattern in subtle hues Lumi Lumi Room-dividing textiles revealing light objects in the back of a room Light passing through textiles hanging from the ceiling