Tronhjem Rømer

Textile pattern in bright colors

Color in Place

Design Museum Denmark

In the group exhibition, The Future is Present, at Design Museum Denmark, we showcase the art and craft of textile printing to express our longing for immediate and relatable surroundings that creates atmosphere and sensuality in both the present and the future. Through the use of patterns, the colors in the textiles are optically blended at a distance, resulting in three distinct color experiences that influence our perception. We aim to create awareness of our close surroundings by exploring the spatial impact of color.

Design Museum Denmark, Copenhagen


Group exhibition The Future is Present

Screen print on wool, reactive dye

3000x2000 mm

Textile with wavy pattern in bright colorsTextile with wavy pattern in bright colors hanging from ceilingClose-up of textile with wavy pattern in bright colorsAn open door revealing a room with textiles hanging from the ceilingTextile pattern in bright colorsTextile hanging from the ceiling